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How to download Instagram videos and pictures to your phone or computer

Have you ever loved a video or picture so much that you go on Instagram every now and then to view them over and over again just because you can’t find a way to download or save them to your phone or computer? Believe me, I know that feeling too well!

In my case, I often get lost digging through people’s pages because the video I love was uploaded sometimes ago and I need to view it one more time.

While we love to share videos and pictures, we also love to download videos and pictures and probably save them to our phones or laptop computers for better accessibility.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not, for now, offer downloads for pictures and videos hosted on its platform, making it almost difficult to save your favourite videos and pictures directly to your phone and view them without data.

This is why you are reading this. Like me, you are interested in knowing how you can download Instagram videos directly to your phone.

How to Download Instagram Pictures and Videos to your phone or computer

To get started, open JiffyGlobe on your browser. It is my favourite and easiest Instagram Downloader for videos and Pictures.

  1. Log on to Instagram and find the picture or video you would love to download.
  2. Locate the set of dots or elipsis beside the image or video you intend to download (if you are using your phone, it is sitting above the picture or video and just beside the comment box on PC)
  3. Click on the dots and choose ‘copy link’
  4. Head to or visit https://www.jiffyglobe.com/ and paste the link you copied there.
  5. Click ‘Download’ and watch as your video or pictures downloads to your phone.

How to Download Instagram Pictures and Videos

That’s all! You can always download your pictures and videos using an Instagram downloader without having to save them on your Instagram ‘saved videos’ section only to go online and view them again.

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